What Makes A Good Money Counting Machine? Here Are 3 Things To Look Out For

What Makes A Good Money Counting Machine? Here Are 3 Things To Look Out For

It is true that money counting machine will significantly improve your cash handling procedures, but it is essential to have the right machine. There are many models of cash counters with each designed to address particular needs. That is something that most people, especially those buying for the first time fail to understand. Every business is unique, and that is why not every money counting machine in the market will meet your expectations.

So what makes a reliable money counting machine? Well, this is a question that every buyer should ask themselves before going to the market. There are a couple of things that you need to take into account first. First, you need to know whether you are looking for a note sorter or a coin sorter. This is a very crucial factor since these are two machines with varying features. But whichever the cases, these are key features that you should look out for in a cash counter:


The capacity of a cash counter is counted by the number of coins you can dump in the hopper at once or the number of notes you can place at the time. It is an important factor to consider since it will contribute to the ease of counting. The more coins the hopper is able to hold, the easier the counting. The same case goes to the note counter. If you can get a hopper that is able to hold anywhere between 200-800 coins, then that will be a cool machine.

Check the Counting speed

The speed of the machine is another feature that you need to consider. The faster the machine, the better for business. You need to invest in a machine that is capable of counting as much cash as possible with the shortest time. If you want to sort out coins, a good machine should count anywhere between 150-300 coins minutes. For the notes, a machine that can count 1000 bills per minute would be cool.

Anti-Jam Features

Another feature that is very important to check is the anti-jam features. It can be irritating if the machine jams in the middle of counting. That is why it is important to check for the anti-jam features while buying. Make sure that the machine is capable of fixing the mess any time this happens. That will make it easy for you to count on the machine.

Other features that could also be important to look is value counting, coin wrapping, and value record keeping.